frequently asked questions.

Can the furniture be ordered in custom sizes?
Since each piece of outdoor patio furniture is handcrafted right here in Atlanta, Georgia, we can build it to any size required, within reason. The standard size of the beamCouch has an 8-foot seating area, but we can also create it in widths of 2, 4 and 6 feet. The lumberTrunk can also be made to custom sizes. This makes for a versatile piece that can either be a large storage trunk that can serve as a coffee table, or as a small side table.
Does the beamCouch come with cushions?
We currently sell the beamCouch without cushions, although we've partnered with a local company that can custom-make cushions and pillows for our outdoor patio furniture. The beamCouch sectional requires 3 cushions measuring 48" x 26" x 4". The typical cost for the seat cushions needed to outfit the sectional comes to around $500. Seat back pillows can either be purchased from a retailer or custom-made as well. When you place an order, we'll talk you through the options and direct you to professionals that can make the cushions and pillows that you'll need.
Is the beamCouch modular and how can it be configured?
The standard beamCouch outdoor sectional consists of an 8-foot long couch and a 4-foot side bench. Since the pieces are not bolted to each other, it can easily be configured into an L-shape with the side bench on either end. When the two pieces are separated, it can accommodate another two or three people. A U-shaped sectional can also be created with one long beamCouch and two of the side benches on either end. This still allows for a 4-foot seating area in the middle of the long couch.
Is any maintenance required to keep the outdoor furniture looking good?
All of our outdoor furniture is built here in Atlanta, Georgia and is finished with a stain and varnish, so it's not very susceptible to discoloration or color fading. If it is uncovered, a film may build up on it over time. The furniture is non-porous because of the varnish that is applied so this film can easily be wiped off with water and a towel.
What type of wood is the outdoor furniture made from?
Most of the outdoor furniture we build is made from each dimensional pine lumber or ipe wood. All of the lumber used to make the beamCouch is pressure-treated pine, so it will endure the elements for a long time. Additionally, the pieces are finished in an outdoor stain and top coated with a varnish to maintain color fastness over time.

The pieces made from ipe wood are extremely weather-resistant. Ipe wood is an exotic species primarily harvested in Brazil, and is often referred to as Brazilian walnut or iron wood. It is so dense that it will not float and can withstand the elements for up to 40 years without any finish applied.
How do I set up my square foot garden?
Aside from finding a nice sunny spot for your square foot garden box, you'll just need to level it and fill with soil. While there are many opinions on what the best soil mixture is, we prefer to use equal parts compost, vermiculite and peat moss. There is a wealth of information on square foot gardening at and