the outdoor furniture.

Below are some of our most popular outdoor furniture. We'll soon be adding more detailed descriptions, dimension and pricing information. In the meantime, you can contact us to inquire about pricing or to place an order. Since all of the outdoor patio furniture is handmade in Atlanta, Georgia, we can create everything in a custom size or finish. We're also available to create custom furniture to complete your outdoor living space.


A modern, contemporary take on the classic Adirondack chair in basralocus, a Brazilian hardwood. Priced at $450.


This modern take on the classic garden bench has a four foot seating area and can accommodate three adults. Priced at $600.


This outdoor dining table measures 8 by 3 feet and can seat up to 10 people. Starting at $1200 for the table.


This outdoor sectional couch is large enough to seat eight people. Starting at $1600 in pine and $2400 in ipe wood.


While it looks like a pile of lumber, this piece functions as a storage trunk, bench and coffee table. Priced at $900.


This simple yet comfortable chair design is made from two intersecting pieces of lumber. Priced at $120 per chair.


Simplistic takes on the classic seating bench. Comes in children and adult sizes and measures up to 8 feet long. Starting at $200.


Square foot gardening is a great way to get a high-yield garden in a small space. Each box is 4x4x1 feet and priced at $120.